VST Amp Rack

I’m a long time guitarist and i must say there are some good sounds on the amp rack.

i hope steinberg keeps developing this plugin. i would love to see it with the kind of features that NI’s guitar rig has.


+1 :slight_smile:

+1 here as well. I only today got C6 and only tried VST Rack quickly so far but it does sound great. It doesn’t have that annoying high frequency “ring” that a lot of other emulations have and that always make them sound inferior.

+1 here too.

Actually I nearly stopped playing the guitar over the years, but this amp rack thing is rather fun. The Vox emulation my favorite at the moment.

i don’t play guitar, but i do own amlitube 2 with hendrix and x-gear. the new steinberg plugin doesn’t do all the fancy stuff they do, BUT it sounds very good as a built in option. i can see myself using it when my cpu is near maxing out and i just need an amp sim in ahurry!
good to see steinberg improving the quality of the integrated stuff. i’m even looking at groove agent with fresh eyes. maybe time to retire lm4 and dr008…