VST Amp Rack

Just read the october future music magazine and they talked about vst amp rack over there.In one of the examples they told to open “black to black” preset in vst amp rack. My amp rack preset window is all blank no presets at all.Is this normal?Im lost…

I have the same problem, no factory presets.
I checked the vst preset folder but the folder “vst amp rack” is empty, tried reinstalling it from the CD but still no luck .
Can someone help please?
Or if someone can upload the folder with factory presets here, will be great also

it’s “compacted preset” in your : program/steinerg/cubase6/vst sound/
& u can rescan folder in mediabay : "vst sound/factory content/
if steinberg want i can give u the preset translated in vstpreset “old fashion” way :wink:
but i’m not sure they want this & don’t understand why they make this with cubase 6 ! :frowning:

THANKS! for the advise, i will try it :slight_smile:

… well i don’t have this folder "“vstsound” in cubase6 folder … i will look on the CD’s

Still on C5 here, so maybe wrong, but usually the factory presets for the Steinberg plugins are in the application folder in the “VST3 Presets” folder as *.vstpreset file.
*.vstsound-files are usually soundfile data like for example impulse response *.wav files for Reverence or GA 1 samples.

yes this is correct, but I don’t have the *.vstpreset ether, the VST amp rack folder in the vst presets is empty :frowning:
also nothing in Cubase6/vst3 presets or in fact anywhere on my PC
i just checked on my installation CD’s and i did reinstalled the plugin again but nothing changed …
… anyway at the plugin is working and its sounds great :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Cant find nothing on mac, no vst sound folder nothing!No presets still :cry:

Great news!!! I finally got it fixed :slight_smile:

For some reason I didn’t have the folder “VST Sound” in my Cubase 6 program folder and also non of the *.vstsound files which should be there.
So here’s what I did:

  1. In Cubase 6 program folder create new folder “VST Sound”
  2. Place the file from the link bellow in the newly created folder “VST Sound”.
    3 this is it. start Cubase and you should have the VST Amp Rack presets :slight_smile:

I got the file with the presets (FCP_SMT_004_Cubase6.vstsound) from the installed Cubase 6.5 trial

Cheers :slight_smile: