Hi. I am new to the forum and have been unable to locate any information on VST Amp Rack. I have a feeling that this won’t necessarily be exclusive to this VST anyway. I am currently using AMP Rack in four guitar tracks. I am obviously using a lot of computer processing to be utilizing the VST on every track independently. Can someone please tell me the proper execution of this task. I am used to the idea of being able to record an audio track from a midi but realize that this can’t be done with an VST instrument track. I also gather that there is away of performing this task via a folder. I am unfamiliar with “Folders” and would appreciate any comments that would help me to integrate them into my project should this be the proper means to perform this task. Thank you.

What information are you looking for that is not included in the manual?
VST Amp Rack is an effect plugin, not an instrument, and is usually used on a DI guitar sound forbest effect although there is nothing actually stopping you using it anywhere on any track.
The way I tend to use things like this would be to take my DI track, and duplicate it, using the plugin in the duplicate, or else to use it as an effect & then feed it with a pre-fade FX send from the DI track instead.

Thank you Neilwilkes. I realize that I misspoke concerning my reference to amp rack as an VST instrument. I actually had already duplicated my guitar track for a total of four tracks utilizing the same effect via amp rack. I am considering all of your suggestions in your reply. Thank you.