VST Amp Rack

Hi all.
My name is Carlos, from Spain.
I am new to the board. I´ve been using Cubase for quite some time now… wow, around 12 years alredy. 8 of them profesionally. actually, I always figured out how to make whatever I wanted to, so I didn´t needed to ask here before.

However, weeks ago I decided to sell my trusted Line6 Pod xt Live, and I was looking for a software replacement. So between several software guitar sims I also tried VSTAmp rack. Wow O.O

I am sold. Loved it. I´ve been playing guitar all my live, and it sounds at least as good as any of my amps. And I have the real things. Vox, Marshall, Jet City (Soldano). Actually I paired with some good IR cabs and it sound better than any of the real ones…

So I definitely opened the pandoras box. I will make a FRFR setup, based on Cubase. Actually, I have already done it. I am just nailing it. Pretty happy so far.

So my setup for this task is a proper laptop, a NI Rig Kontrol as a main midi and audio interface, cubase (still not sure which version I need, just trying different options), Guitar rig, amplitube, etc, etc.

Anybody else has tried something similar? I can imaging that plenty of you are playing synths from Cubase live, but any guitar player around? My idea is to use it live, not just in the studio. So most of the functions of Cubase will not be used at all.

I would like Steinberg would make something like soundstage from the logic team.
Well I have plenty of questions, but I will ask them in a brand new post, lets keep this as a experience share one.