VST and audio Failure

Hi. I posted several weeks ago saying my VST engine and audio stopped working in Cubase 8.05.

Although it is still the same, I have manged to narrow down some (not all) of the crashes to the Asio Guard.

I can recreate a crash EVERY time if I either turn on OR turn off Asio Guard (irrespective of the buffer size set - or whether Asio guard is set to low, medium or high). I always have to close Cubase using the task manager after this crash has occurred. It occurs whether I am using Steinberg or 3rd party VSTi’s. Basically ALL audio is lost, ALL sound from VSTi’s is lost and ALL metering disappears.

If I load a project with Asio guard on it will not work.

Although the simplest answer would be to turn off Asio guard - it would be brilliant if it could be fixed on my system as it makes a HUGE difference to my CPU useage - something in the region of 30% - 40%
On Cubase 7.5 Asio guard doesn’t crash my system and it has a negative effect on my cpu useage - adding something like 10% to cpu load.

Just thought I’d report this.