VST assignments in "Play" view get cleared

Hi all,

I am currently trying out Dorico by setting up a significant orchestral template. I am using VE Pro 6 with various libraries and I have a clear idea of the way I’m going to proceed in terms of articulation switching etc.
But I’m faced with a big issue: my VST assignments don’t stick. They get cleared all of the time. Here is how I do things, please let me know where I’m wrong:

  • I have added and connected my 4 instances of VE Pro in the rack of Play view. They’re up and running.
  • I add a piccolo, a flute and an alto flute in Setup view.
  • I switch to Play view and assign a VE Pro instance and a midi channel to each track. So far, so good, it plays.
  • I switch back to Setup view, add a bunch of clarinets.
  • I switch to Play view and all of a sudden, my 3 flute assignments are gone and back to default “— / chan. 1”

Also I have noticed that Dorico doesn’t consider that a file has changed when you only update playback assignments (there is no * symbol next to the file name in the title bar, and the “save” command under File menu is greyed out).
I have tried setting up VST assignments, saving the file, closing and re-opening it again: assignments are cleared.

My template is made of 72 tracks. I can’t reassign it very time I launch it. And it seems that the slightest change in Setup or Play view clears all VST assignment. Picture my frustration.

As a final note, I have tried the above process with both coupled AND decoupled instances. It had no effect.

Dorico seems to be the exact thing I’ve been looking for and it seems people get to make it work with VE Pro 6 and are very happy with it. Please let me know what secret ritual I’m missing here.

Thank you!