vst at insert

Hi all,
I’ve installed a Vst instrument in Cubase 5 (windows 7) and it don’t appears in the INSERT of my audio channel. I can access This VST only at Devices> VST Instrument.
Yet when I installed it it goes to C-Program files- Vst.
Can somebody please let me know how to make it it show up at the INSERT Channel. Yet I have a lot of Vst At this Insert Except the last one installed (Nexus)
Thank you.

If it shows up in the VST instruments, it´s a VST instrument, not a VST Fx…

Thank you ThinkingCap for your reply.

Actually I thought VST Fx And VST Instrument are the same. Be cause I see in my Insert Channel similar VST in VST Instrument.

Now I need some advice if you can help: I have a Audio Track (vocal) And I want to have the Nexus vocoder on it, Is there any way I can do it?

Thank you for your help.

No, they´re not.

I don´t know Nexus, only thing I found when googling “Nexus Vocoder” is, that Nexus itself does not have a vocoder, and “Nexus Vocoder” is only a loop add on. You should simply contract ReFx´s support on this one…

Thank you for the advice!