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Hello, before I go running out to buy a VS2 or VS3 library, will my East West library somehow work with Dorico now or ever in the future?

Play is a VST2.x instrument and will not load into Dorico by default, but it can be added to the whitelist so that it will load. We have not ourselves yet tested Play extensively with Dorico, but since it works well in Cubase there is no reason to suppose it would not also work well in Dorico.

Excuse the ignorance, but what is this ‘whitelist’ of which thou doth speaketh?

Please see here.

I also use East West and I followed the tutorial to how to use VST2 plug-ins in Dorico, but I didn’t find any value=“0”/> in the Components\Category Audio Module Class\Available group.
Wath I have to do.
For me, use East west, is fondamental.


From the VST Stickie at the top of the Queue:

Neither Play 4.3 nor Play 5 works with my installation of Dorico (Win10-64bit Home)

Same here. If east-west will be releasing an update to play 5 shortly, (which I’m sure they will) it won’t be because of Steinberg incompatibilty, that’s for sure :slight_smile:

Sure, not solely for Steinberg. But they will put out a maintenance update anyway, and one fix among others will be this incompatibility issue.

And you did edit the whitelist?

Yes, using the numbers someone else posted in the original thread on using VSTs in Dorico. I’m a patient man, though, so rather than beat my head against this problem I’ll just wait for EWQL’s update to Play5, which hopefully will resolve this issue in a positive way.

One question, though – since Play is in the blacklist file, once I update to the new Play version (whenever it comes out), will the blacklist file be automatically rewritten to reflect this by removing the Play entry?

Thanks again Ulf for spending so much time with us on this subject!

If you zip me up the folder C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine_64
I can have a quick look and see what might be wrong.

Good question. Actually the plug-in sentinel for VST3s will detect that a new version got installed and rescan it automatically. With VST2s I’m not quite sure, the guy who knows is currently not in. In any case, if it doesn’t get automatically rescanned, you can force it buy deleting the blacklist before starting Dorico.

Cubase 9 reports PLAY as blacklisted, but you also get the option to reactivate it at your own risk… perhaps Dorico could do the same.

What exactly are the risks? Are we talking about programs and databases being messed up - or simply that they won’t work?

Just loaded up Cubase 9 - it’s not listed as blacklisted on my list (Mac). But I think the process they go through with listing VST’s and, as you say, giving you the option to activate it, is first class and Dorico should definitely adopt it.

Bailey VSTAudioEngine_64.zip (466 KB)

Thanks for the offer, Ulf!
I’m attaching the zip file as you asked – thank you for seeing if there is anything you can do to help me out!
Bailey VSTAudioEngine_64.zip (466 KB)

I’m not in the office toay, but will have a look tomorrow…

Thanks! Of all the music software I have where it’s impossible to actually communicate with any of the developers, I have to say that the involvement of key members of the Dorico team in this forum is very gratifying and helps us “early adopters” know that your’e all committed to Dorico and its users. Thank you!

Well, Play does get blacklisted by the plug-in sentinel. So what version of Play do you have installed? As said elsewhere, Play 4.3 we would expect to load but not 5.0. In case of 5.0 you’d need to wait for the soon coming update from EastWest.

I uninstalled Play5 and reinstalled Play4.3 and it still wouldn’t load. So I removed that and reinstalled Play5.

So I’ll just wait for the update from EWQL, no point in spending more time trying to get this to work on my machine right now.