VST audio bounce sync issues?

So my possible problem which I have tested on my desktop and laptop is that when I export to audio from a battery or groove agent one drum pattern and play that audio with the same exact vst midi part (the one I just bounced) match the volumes and listen I get an inconsistent phasing. I tried reversing the phase of one channel and on my laptop occasionally the somewhat expected silence occurs it’s basically erratic on the desktop it’s an on and off phasing sometimes it’s there sometimes it’s not.

The reason I tested this was because my bounced audio did not maintain the expected rhythmic feel. It just was not the same or close enough to the original pattern played through battery. Realtime export was better but the same issue occurred.

Now if I play the same bounced part as audio reverse the phase normal cancellation occurs, same if I play two battery instances with same sound and settings reverse the phase and the expected cancelation occurs. If it’s a vst with same sound against bounced audio it plays back together with an inconsistent phasing. Battery and groove agent one were tested.

My thoughts are that playing audio through sampler instruments alters the sound in some ways where it’s not exact every single time it plays back the sound, or that there is some kind of sync issue between vsts and audio.

Please try it out on your system load up battery or groove agent one, lay out 16th notes with a short percussive High hat, export it to audio and play the vst and audio at the same time, while I don’t expect a perfect match, the imperfection should be consistent right? It shouldn’t sometimes sound one way and after looping for a while change phase relationship?

Maybe vats and audio are not 100% sample accurate? Help me out with this if its a bug its a bad one, I’m hoping it’s just the normal behavior though as its happening on my laptop and main desktop daw.

Win 7 64 bit all updated cubsse 7.5.30 rme babyface fully tweaked system all updated drivers etc…

Thanks!! Hope someone can help.

No one else has this happening.

Bounce a high hat sound playing 16th notes to audio from a groove agent one instrument track
Match db play the Audio and vst instrument at the same time seems like it’s not staying in
Sample accurate sync with eachother. I’m going to try recording both parts each to a seperate group and
Measure the timing of a certain amount of notes start times to see what’s
Happening. If timing is on its most likely sampler instrument calculations. I do
Remember learning a while back that real time bounce and or recording actual
Output is the best way to maintain exactly what your hearing and feeling from
Your music. My experience has been pro studios do it all different ways mostly I’ve see
Recording out to a seperate hd recorder or computer then brought back in daw
Or sent out for mastering…although I have see a lot of offline and online bouncing
During production. I like testing thing s like this…

Did some tests. Can someone else on win 7 64bit cubase 7.5.30 try this. Audio export massive by NI a fully quantized 8th note pattern. Zoom in and observe the start of the bounced audio against the original midi note, you’ll see that it is 20 to 40 samples late. Maybe this is normal it is irritating though because it’s not a consistent delay that can be solved by a simple drag left or right. my only conclusion is that some vSt instruments are not sample accurate. Fl studio had similar behavior so I am not blaming cubase. Let me know what you find out. For example zebra 2 exported a few samples early. Very strange or just how it is?

did you solve this? I’m having the same issue with groove agent SE