VST Audio crashes on 3.5

I’m getting persistent crashes with the audio engine and have attached a diagnostic report that
indicates VST related errors. Can you look in to it and advise? I’m running under MacOS Catalina 10.15.5.


Chris Brown
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (930 KB)

Hi Chris, thanks for the data, tomorrow I will have a deeper look and resolve the crash files.
But at first glance I can already see, that - not the majority - but quite a few of the crashes point at Pianoteq as the culprit.
What are you doing when the audio engine crashes, any certain pattern maybe?
What if you leave Pianoteq out of your projects, is it still crashing?

I’ll be back tomorrow…

So I had a closer look:
There are 14 crash files in the diagnostics and 12 of them show the same pattern,
the audio engine crashes while the shutting down. I.e. it receives a quit command from Dorico and tries to shutdown, when it runs into this error condition.
Half of these 12 crash files point directly at Pianoteq as the culprit, but although the pattern looks same, the other half does not directly point at Pianoteq.
Anyhow, you are using Pianoteq 6.5 but the current release is 6.7. I don’t know if you are eligible for a free update, but would that be an option for you,
installing Pianoteq 6.7 and trying with that version?

Then there are 2 more crash files that indicate an error in the VU meter update handling. Occasionally I have seen such crashes before,
but they happen really rarely and we could never get grip on them, since we only ever saw this on customer’s machines and no recipe of how to reproduce.
Therefore we can’t chase it down, unless you help us by giving specific details.

FWIW all 6.x Pianoteq updates are free and we’re at 6.7.3 (I updated yesterday…)

Thanks, Ulf for help so far. I upgraded the PIanoteq VST this morning and there were no crashed until now (mid-afternoon).
Progress, but still things seem shaky! Before the crash occured I started getting spinning-disk hangs that were not fatal, but
they got longer and longer until finally … gone. I’ve been looking for some consistency in what I’m doing when it crashes, but
it’s usually just in an editing task but not one that is consistent. So I’m attaching a new Diagnostic which contains only this
crash – there are as many VSTs in the report as I have instruments playing in my piece, so maybe this indicates a problem not
related only to the one Pianoteq instrument?
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (758 KB)

I think I have the same issue. Mac High Sierra.

Audio export was stuck, so I aborted it. The VST Audio Engine appeared frozen in Activity monitor. I therefore asked Dorico to quit. Spinning balls. I force-quit VST Audio Engine. Dorico still frozen, and I took a sample of it.

I then tried to quit Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, but it was stuck on"Disconnecting instance 4…". It didn’t appear to have crashed, but behave that way.

crash-after-failed-audio-export.zip (20.2 KB)

My expectation is that you will find that this problem with hanging audio export is resolved in the forthcoming update.

Hi Cbmuse53, I’m very sorry, but your latest post somehow slipped my attention. Apologies for that.
Looking at the crash report, I can see that you upgraded Pianoteq, but the crash is still in Pianoteq. I got in touch with Modart, let’s see what they have to say about it.

Hi Ulf,

It seems to be related to having the Pianoteq VST window open while running audio. Not that it crashes
all the time, but once I’ve started closing it before running I’ve had no crashes.

thanks for your help,


Hi Chris,
Pianoteq wants to get in touch with you about that crash, please read the private message I’ve sent you. (Click ‘Private messages’ pretty much at the right top of this page)