VST audio effect insert slots

Why cubase has only 8 VST audio effect insert slots?
is there any reason behind this? i mean, 8 sometimes is not enough…


Really? Can you give me an example of a track where you would have more than 8? My view has always been if you need that much processing there are issues with the source to begin with.

sorry, that’s known.
this is about compatibility purposes, has to do with the backward compatibility.
But the C7-mixer will be expanded in the future.

Now, we have 14 (!) Effects/Inserts (with Channel Strips and CH. EQ and Hi/Lo Cut!) in every Channel - nice! :sunglasses:

Pro Tools has 10 Insert-Slots… for all plugins… :wink:

Mumbles something with thinking… a box… and outside…

The strip is very restricting because you can’t use your own plugins. Soundwise it’s not on par with top plugins either.I think 10 pre slots would be fine enough for most situations and if more is needed a group can be created. The best solution would be to let the user add pre fader slots on demand tho :wink:

Let me try :slight_smile: I imagine a deep dub techno track with a voice … and i wanna process that voice … so lets see

Waves REQ
Slate Digital VCC
Waves CLA
Virsyn Matrix
Audio Damage Panstation
Audio Damage Filterstation
Sonic Charge Permut8
Lexicon Chorus
Yamaha Tape
and , oh wait, it’s already 9… and no api 2500 , veq etc.


My main problem are the 6 pre fader slots tho.