VST Audio System - Device failed to open!

Dear everyone. I feel a huge newbe with this question, but I hope someone has a simple solution.

After using Wavelab Elements for voiceover recording, I switched to Cubase Elements.
I think (and hope) this one is a bit more user-friendly for voice over only.

My UR22 MK2 is connected to my laptop (MAC) and has always worked well in combination with Wavelab.
However, when setting up Cubase I get the message “Device failed to open” under “VST Audio System”.

What have I done:

  • Driver reinstalled
  • Other USB port used
  • Checked all cables

Does anyone know what to do?
Help is much appreciated.Have a sunny day!

Allright, I thought I did find the problem and upgraded macOS from 10.13 to 10.15. No difference… damn! Still the same issue

I’ve got the same issue, but on Surface Pro