VST Audio System Device fails to open (Cubase LE 6) Windows

Hello! Out of the blue, from one day using the Cubase LE 6 without any trouble for recording, to the next day, I got an error message that the MISSING PORTS were “not connected”. I did not change anything. If I click on the ports, it just says “not connected” but doesn´t give any other options. I work with Zoom G5 and the Cubase program came together with the effect and usually it worked fine. If ports were missing, I just had to click on the missing port and choose “left channel Zoom G5” and resp. “right channel Zoom G5”, but now there are no options. I have the Asio32 driver installed.
When checking in the menu the VST connections, a message appears “DEVICE FAILS TO OPEN”. I can display recorded songs, but due to the missing channels/ not connected, no sound can be heard or recorded.
Any idea what could have happened or what I could do? Thanks!

Hi and welcome,

Do you use 32-bit Cubase or 64-bit Cubase? Could you try to reinstal the driver, please?

Hi Martin! It is 64-bit. I just downloaded the ASIO4ALL driver und installed it…as it seems that the already installed generic low latency ASIO driver isnt knowledged by the program. Unfortunately still nothing. After starting the CUBASE program, I open the menu in DEVICES, DEVICE SETUP …and right away the “VST Audio System” window pops up and it says…under VST Audio System (with an EXCLAMATION mark on the left side!) “DEVICE FAILED TO OPEN”. When I click on the VST System link, it says on the right side that the ASIO input and output are NOT connected, but doesnt give me any options to connect either!


Make sure, you are running the latest Cubase LE 6.0.7 update, please. What Windows do you run? Or are you on Mac?

Ok. Just downloaded the update (I never did before) and install later. It is Windows 7. Will keep on trying…Thanks!