VST Bass Amp in Cubase 7.5

As the title suggest: is there a way to use the VST Bass Amp with Cubase 7.5? The Cubase 8 UI is becoming too big of a problem to overlook and I went back to 7.5, but I really need that plugin… :frowning:

Locate the cubase plugin set in your Cubase 8 system folder and copy it to the equivalent folder of C7.5.

I have tried this to get the new multiband plugins in 7.5 and it worked. Also found the deeser as a strip module in the plugin manager but that one didn’t work there of course… So no guarantee if everything will work glitch free but basically it should work.

Works great, thanks! :slight_smile:

Where are those files located on the Mac?

Right-click on the Cubase 8 icon and select “Show Package Contents”. Then double-click on Contents/VST3 and copy “Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3”.

Thanks Svenne!