VST Bass Amp

Great job guys but I have a request. Can you add a bi-amp module into the unit please? I normally use the DI track for the low end and take everything above 110Hz from the mic.

Likewise when it comes to adding effects, I don’t want to smother and detune the bottom end when I add some chorus. So where you have the blend control for DI, can you also add a filter for each feed: switch between hf/lf and centre frequency.

I hope you add more amps and effects over time to both the emulators. Both are very capable tools but the pedals are a bit bland.

Hi sedgetone,

I will add the bi-amp module request to the feature request list.

Did you notice, that the modulation effects have a tone parameter ? It pretty much does what you asked for:
Put less effect on the low frequency range.

andreasm, it “sort” of does it, however it significantly impacts the low end content curve as you dial up the cutoff. The mid-lows also get errrr blurry/diffused. Of course I could be doing it wrong :slight_smile:

The behaviour you describe isn’t what I’m looking for. For instance I want to take 0->120Hz from DI, 120Hz+ from the amp sound. Then use the balance as provided. You could then have a separate amp/fx feed on DI and Amp.