VST Bridge automation and another question.

Hi all 2 questions:
I did notice that any 32 bit VST i have with my cubase 64bit, i cant right click and edit and controlling it with the midi keyboard. why is that?
I have some of the same VST plugins in 64bit and in my 32 bit folder. Now…Cubase is reading both plugins. Is there a way maybe taht i can disable the 32 bit plugin because i already have it in 64 bit? So it will now show 2 times in Cubase 6.5?


I am not sure about No. 1. For number 2, either move the 32 bit .dll file to where Cubase can not see it or change the path in the “plugin information” display to see only the 64 bit .dll.

For #2:

I have two folders: \vst32 and \vst64 which has been working well.

Or, depending on your situation, you could have multiple folders: \VstEveryone, \VstJustCubase, \VstJustSonar… In their VST search paths everyone would include \VstEveryone, Cubase would also include \VstJustCubase but not \VstSonar, etc. .

So i can just create another folder/s and copy the 32bit vst their? and direct cubase to that folder/s?