vst bridge confusion..

hi all,
im currently a 32bit C6 use in win 7 64bit os, i think it is time to move to 64bit C6, (ram are getting cheaper so why not :laughing: )
Most of my 3rd pasty plugin are 64bit, with the exception of kore 2 player which i didnt use alot…
i need a bit of information, just to be sure how things would go about later…
if not mistaken, using 64bit plugin in C6 64 wouldnt be a problem right? but to use a 32bit plugin in 64bit Cubase ,i will need to use vst bridge right?
what is Vst bridge? how does it work? is it included in Cubase or i have to buy the application…


You can indeed use 64-bit plugins in Cubase 64. VST-bridge comes with Cubase and this automatically detects if a plugin is 32-bit, and it automatically tries to bridge the plugin so you can use it in Cubase 64. It doesn’t work for all plugins unfortunately, try google your specific plugins to see how other people fared with them. If you really need a plugin that is still 32-bit and the VST-bridge can’t cope with it, you can buy J-bridge, which is a third party bitbridge which is usually more successful in bridging 32-bit plugs. I would suggest you have a quick search for how well your 32-bit plugins bridge in Cubase and if there is no sign of immediate problems, I would say go for it and see what happens. Should you find trouble, J-bridge isn’t very expensive and that will most likely get your plugins working again.

Actually, Kore 2 Player has never been reliable enough to be run even in a 32-bit host. I’ve kept 32-bit Cubase because of this plugin, but it was never long before it maxed out resources and choked the audio engine. It behaved the same way under Reaper as well.

Aloha e and +1

Thx for d’ info guy…
Will there b problem for old project recorded in 32bit to be open in 64 ?