VST Bridge Connection Lost on Exit

Hi there,

Sorry if this has been posted (I did do a search and couldn’t find reference to the exact issue). Since 8.020 I get a VST bridge error each time I close a project. I generally get a Windows error, then two Cubase error messages in a row. This is happening with every project. I generally have the same plugins loaded for every project. I haven’t noticed any actual problems with loading or playing.

Confirmed, I get the VST bridge error with almost every session, not only on exit but also during a session. This occurs since I updated cubase pro 8 to version 8.020.
cheers, Peter

Have your narrowed it down to any particular plugin?

sorry, late reaction. No, so far it happened with various older vst2 plugins solo’d on a blank template, both instruments and effects. Isn’t there a crash log somewhere? I saw a vst2xloadunload.log in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8_64\logs, but that only mentions Waves plugins (not in use during crash testing).

It’s seems to get worse with every session, it’s steadily becoming unworkable. I’m rolling back to 8.0.10.

system: i7 4770, nvidia gtx 650, 16 256 GB SSD drive, 16GB RAM, windows 7 home premium 64 bit

cheers, Peter

It’s more of an annoyance for me. I have to close 3 dialog boxes every time I close a session. Then Cubase stays open, and has to be quit manually, but that’s been the case since 8.0.0 I think. I’m going to struggle on, and hope for a fix in the next update.

Ok, I’ve had a breakthrough on this! I’ve found that these plugins were causing the problem. There are probably more, and one of these could be innocent (they were all on one particular channel) but this will get you started …

MDA Bandisto (ancient plugin from the MDA collection)
MDA Combo (as above)
Overdrive (Cubase 5 version)
QuadraFuzz (Cubase 5 version)

I have the same problem after update from 8 to 8,5 Pro.
Whit this VSTi NI B4II, Virtual Akustic Guitar, Virtual Electric Guitar and VG Electric Edition.
No Problem whit Superior Drummer, Kantakt4.

I have the same problem with 11. Any solutions? (The above plugins work perfectly)

Cubase freezes almost every time it is closed.
The last time it happened, I ran the Resource Monitor (via Task Manager), typed the “CPU” tab and “Cubase” into the “Handles” search box.
It showed me all the services and processes that were running for cubase.
When I canceled the “vst2xloadunload.log” process, Cubase was immediately closed correctly.
Maybe that helps?