VST Bridge Connection Lost - yes, another one

I know this problem has been posted here many times, however, I’m still unable to find a solution for me.

I have Cubase pro 8.0.0 in a Windows 8 OS, and I was working on a project that uses some 32bits plugins (VST Instruments).

If I open that project, I get the “VST Bridge Connection Lost” alert when openning it, and I cannot play even the audio files. When I close it, I get that message again. I’ve tried to manually kill the VSTBridge process in order to get it fixed, but nothing has helped.

Is there any update that fixes this??

I’ve read that I should buy the JBridge plugin, but I’ve just spend a very good amount of dollars (with a very unfair exchange rate) on the Cubase 8Pro license, so I don’t feel comfortable spending more money on third parties software to get mine working.

Where can I chek if there’s a new version of Cubase available?

The funny thing is that I was able to work on this project for a couple of weeks, and then, all of a sudden, I’ve got this error which I haven’t be able to fix.

Any help will be very appreciated.

Hi therr

I understand your complaint re exchange rate, However Jbridge is very cheap and really does work a little better than the Steinberg bridge, it’s at least worth a try out, I think there’s a trial version.

Best Regards


Although it’s unlikely to solve your issue, there is indeed a newer version.

It’s on the site under downloads or accessible form the hub in Cubase.

Note that from next Cubase full version update (Cubase 9) Steinberg are dropping 32bit compatibility completely so it may well be time to think about replacing any 32bit plugs with 64bit equivalents.

In the meantime like it or not Jbridge is probably your best solution, and after that time will be your only solution.

Thanks a lot for your comments. What I finally did, was to remove the VST Instrument that was causing the problem, then I added it again and now it seems to be working, I mean, now it’s working but I know it’s just a matter of time before I get the same message again. At least, I know how to fix it now.

About the 64bit equivalents, this one is a VST Wurlitzer piano that sounds really cool, and it’s not from Steinberg, and they don’t have a 64bit version, so it won’t be easy to replace, however, I haven’t made the proper research.

About my project settings, I’ve never made any change there, so I asume, the settings remain the same every time I re-open a project. I’m using the default settings.

I personally would not use any 32bit plug-ins (more trouble than they are worth) in this day and age.
But if you really need that 32bit plug-in in a certain project, just run Cubase pro 8 in 32bit mode.
You can have 32 and 64 cubase side by side on the same set-up.

I would gladly pay for companies to upgrade old plugs from 32bit to 64bit, and to VST3 - well actually I do for a few of the well known plugins like Waves. But the way it is right now with the demise of some great old 32bit plugins, left and forgotten by their manufacturers (Steinberg is one), its kind of like saying you can’t use your fave old monosynth or stomp box anymore :frowning: despite the fact sometimes these can define your musical personality for which your fans know and love you… Long live JBridge in that respect!! Still, at least running 32bit plugins is easier than keeping old synths going - for now!


Well that is sad for me, that means projects in C7.5 using the excellent Virtual Guitarist 2 will not open in future Cubase versions.

This will stop me from upgrading to C9.

With jBridge even very ancient plug-ins work good.