VST Bridge Connection Lost?

Here’s the error message I just got:

I’ve been having problems with Cubase “Not Responding” when I close a project and open another one. Today, I got this “VST Bridge Connection Lost” message along with “Cubase Not Responding” in my Task Manager. Secondly, when I click on the “OK” button, nothing happens. Cubase is locked.

I am using only Waves and UAD plugins.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Just one of those things I’m afraid…
While the VST bridge is for the most part stable in Cubase (much more so than in Logic by all accounts), it still throws up the occasional error on my system.
Bring on 64bit UAD plugins I say!

Every time I close a project and try to open another one, Cubase stops responding. So, I have to go to Task Manager and “end task” and then open Cubase again. I don’t see how that is “stable”. It seems to me that a common function is not working.

OK fair enough - something isn’t stable…not necessarily the VST bridge.
You might need to give a bit more info to get to the bottom of it though

Check all computer connections. Check ram. Do a cleanup and defrag and check the hard drives. Defrag especially needs to be done after a large program installation such as Cubase and is the widest cause of complaints about “new Cubase version not working as should”.

Thanks Conman. I’ll cleanup and defrag.

have u tried jbridge?

No, I haven’t. This is the first time I’ve had this specific “VST Bridge” message, though I always have trouble with Cubase freezing when I close a project and try to open another. I just checked my drives and only one of my drives was fragmented and then only 2%. I defragged it anyway.

yeah look into jbridge,i had to use it on a lot of 32bit plugs.

Hi, I am having a simular problem with “VST Bridge connection lost”. It is probably a stupid user error, but not sure why so many of us are having a sumular issue, here. I am sorry to make this so long, but I wanted to make sure I provided enough information.

At the time of the Problem:

Running on a Dell Inspiron 17R N7110 Laptop (i7 2670QM, 8G memory, Realtec ASIO onboard Video and Sound)

Win 7 64bit Home Premium, SP1
Cubase 5 64bit ( I have 6, but my experience using software a few versions back is more stable)
Native Instruments: Battery 3, B4 II, Pro53
Cubase Instruments: Monologue, Prologue,
Cubase Effects: Amp simulator, delay, eq, compression.
Recorded: 3 Guitar Tracks
0 % fragmentation on all drives used
Latest installs: Focusrite: Midnight Plugins (not used yet) and M-audio fastrack ASIO Drivers (since the problem occured, I removed them)

I have been running Cubase with no problems for about 8 months, and now, I have this problem come up. And it keeps comming up. I am not using any new plugins. I have down loaded some from KRV Audio, and I have installed a few, very few, but I I don’t think I am actually using any of them in any of the projects.

To make matters whorse, after this happened, Cubase began freezing up, and now I get the blue screen of death a lot, but only when Cubase is Open. Never had the Blue Screen of Death before this!

It began when I was using the “Cubase Backup Proceedure” to move my projects to an external drive. I was finished and about to close Cubase, and BOOM! Like a bomb, I get the message, “VST Bridge connection lost”. It suggested that I open older projects, so I closed Cubase, restarted Windows and began attempting to piece back together this lost album. Now older projects that I was not backing up at the time are displaying the same issue, so I can’t seem to open an older file to retrieve my data and work. This is very frustrating. In almost every project, Battery 3 is not working anymore and I can not re-load it. It just will not work!

Anyone have any ideas on how to salvage the album?
Any Ideas on how to avoid this? What caused it?
Anyone else having this issue, using NI Instruments, have you recently installed Focusrite or KVR plugins, or M-Audio Fast Track ASIO Drivers?
How good or bad is JBridge?
Is there a software utility out there that can verify of the 32 bit plugins are buggy for cubase? This is a must-furnish Steinberg! I have read too many threads where comercial plugins are wreaking havoc and they were not before the 64 bit transition came into play.

I am wondering if I sould re-install Cubase and NI, since I have received the Blue Screen of Death 20 times now and only when Cubase is running. This is very frustrating; only when Cubase is running!

Thank you to anyone who offers any suggestions, not so much for my personal issue, but for future stability for all of us to avoid this issue all together.

For me the jBridge was only option to use Audioease plugins(Altiverb, Speakerphone).
Never had any problem with jbridge. It´s definetly worth the money.

BSOD’s are usually a driver issues, so I would rerun your system’s drivers.
Check the Mini Dump file, it can tell you more about the actual problem (C:\Windows\minidump)

You do use the 64bit verions of Battery?

I use a lot of NI software (32bit versions Jbridged) and never experienced this kind of trouble.

JBridge is as good as it gets. An absolute no brainer if you use 32 bit plugs.
Don’t wait for Steinberg, they failed with the bridge.

Most likely Cubase doesn’t cause you BSOD’s, there is something wrong on your system.

Also fasttrack is known from bad drivers, maybe card update… BTW I use only 64-bit plugs, if there´s a possibility…

I have had this problem an can invoke it at will by using some 32bit plugins in their non-JBridged version. Or unticking JBridge’s setting to force Cubase to free the interface.

Some other 32bitters do work fine though, so it seems to be a question of coding.
Image Line’s are amongst the trouble-makers.

What evidence have you for fragmantation being the widest cause of complaints about new Cubase installations not working? I find that very doubtful

Yeah I’m starting to get this too. Anyone else with some handy workarounds? (other than JBridge?)

Seems like its happening more and more now too. When I first installed 6.5 i never had ANY issues! Gonna attempt the defrags.

Man, I’m having flashbacks to trouble with Direct-X plugins and Cubase 4 when Steingberg killed all support for any Direct X plugs without telling us. Wonder if they’ll kill support for 32 bit plugs too at some point. WITHOUT telling us. :neutral_face:

I don’t know how relevant my advice is, but I’ve discovered that bringing up the Task Manager and selectively ending the VSTBridge service (and not trying to close Cubase out itself) allows me to end the computer hanging indefinitely. What I usually do then is close the project out (because without the vstbridge functioning properly, the 32bit vst plugins won’t be generating any sound) and re-open it.
I’m no expert, but perhaps it’s not the vst bridge service that’s at fault, maybe it’s just poorly coded third party vst plugins.

I had the same problem, Cubase Pro 8 freezing “because” of VSTBridge.
I had to kill the VSTbridge to be able to close Cubase or start a new session.

My solution was

  1. Find out what plug-in was causing the freeze (as there is not log file indicating errors)
  2. Use Jbridge instead of VSTBridge
  3. Make sure the original DLL was not scanned by Cubase (I had to move it)

Here’s how I resolved my issue. Using windows 7, while session is loading (hung up), go down to tool bar on bottom of screen and right click mouse, choose “start task manager”. You will see the program “VST Bridge” right clik and select “end process tree”. This will kill the hung up plugins that the vstbridge uses and your session should load. the plug ins should appear in the session however when you clik to view them, you will notice that they are not loaded. Those are the plugins that are causing the issues. Download jbridge plug in, works excellent. Note, the jbridge should only be used for 32bt plugins. Just google “jbridge” and it’ll take you to the sight. The current version is 1.73. Follow directions to install. Once you’ve got your plugins loaded, restart Cubase 8. Note- under plugin manager, you will have to connect to the jbridge file location to load plugin.
If anyone has any questions message me and I can walk you through. I’ve been battling the “CUBASE MONSTERS” since version 4.

I have had the same issue but i realised that the plugin causing thr problem is Arnimator. I will suggest that click ok and let cubase open then after than try to play all the tracks and the tracks that do not respond are the ones at fault