VST Bridge documentation (can't find)

I wanted to use C7 64-bit for the first time and tried to find info on how to use the ‘VST bridge’ for 32-bit plugins.

I could not find any info in any of the user manuals. (searched for ‘VST bridge’ and ‘bridge’ in all manuals from the documentation menu in Cubase)

Anyone who could tell me where to find info on how to use this feature?


It’s automatic, nothing to do.

so why don’t I see my 32-bit VST’s?

Because your 64bit install isn’t pointed at your 32bit plugins folder by default.
Use plugin information to add a new vst2 folder location.


I guess by using the VST folder for C7 32-bit I end up having many plugins twice (32-bit and 64-bit). Sounds a bit messy…

thanks anyway! I figure something out…