VST Bridge error and Powered Plug-ins error

I’ve started to accumulate some free plug-ins and thought i understood the hierarchy enough to re-organize/name them to my own liking rather than how they automatically get added to the Plug-in list. Now I’m getting two errors upon opening Cubase 6; not sure if they are related.

  1. “VSTBridge is not responding” - causing serious performance issues and crashes the program. Seems inconsistent though.
  2. “Powered plug-ins error” for each and every plug-in used on a track. Consistent.

Is there a way to organize plug-ins to my liking and not have this problem? Not sure I could even remember how they were named/ordered before…

Screenshots for both attached. Help!

Thank you, forum-ers.


VSTBridge is used when you use 32-bit plug-in in 64-bit Cubase. Might be, something happened with the 32-bit plug-in?

VSTBridge issue hasn’t happened since, and I just un-did what I did with the powered plug-ins, so…guess it’s smooth sailing again. Thank you!