VST Bridge I have to kill to get N5 64bit working.

I have been running Nv5 64bit since this time last year.
I switched over during a tv project due to a machine failure and subsequent upgrade.
(took 4 days to reinstate all my software and plugins)

N4 was very stable but N5 has never been.
It freezes during the first 10 minutes of use and I’ve learned that if I kill the process VST Bridge I can then continue to used the system.

I installed J-bridge early on to run essential waves and other plugins.

Can anyone suggest the root of my troubles ?



MS Windows 7 64-bit
Intel 6 Core i7 980x @ 3.33Ghz
3.00 GB triple DDR3 @ 668Mhz
3x 1GB Wester Digital
4x Syncmaster @ 1400x1050
RME Fireface UC


Most plugs will work pretty good with jbridge. There are occasional problems though. When I first moved to 64 bit it was kind of a headache but I final got through it and have a pretty stable system now.

I started first with just nuendo. default plugs only. I did edits, import/export, rerecording group channels etc. Then I started adding jbridged plugs one at a time till I found the problem. In my case it happend to be GRM doppler.

The internal bridge of Nuendo (aka VSTBridge) is very unreliable since day one. It has been improved a few times, but still has trouble with many plugins.

So, Kid is right: It will be one plugin that causes the freeze, put this into jBridge, and there you go. From my weeks of headaches and other experiences with VSTBridge I have a non-scientific approach to check if one plugin will work under VSTBridge or not:

Load the plugin and take care of it’s GUI when it builds up. How fast will it’s content show up after the window is already generated? If you see any white background, for some milliseconds, this is probably a crash candidate. Close the GUI and reopen. If it’s not reopening smoothly, jBridge the plugin.


PS: Why are you feeding your DAW Ferrari with Diesel ? I’m talking about RAM, it’s funny to have this machine equipped with only 3 GByte, not ?

Thanks for the help.
I’ll do some tests.
I suspect it could be one fo the Nuendo synth plugins since I’ve just had a spell on NO crashes, until I used it.