VST bridge improvements (Actual version isn't good)

I am forced to have Jbridge, to communicate my old 32 bit plugins in Cubase x64…

my doubt is about VST bridge, is very strange than cubase engineering cannot communicate 32 bit plugins used in cubase x32, to cubase x64 and automatically bridging those plugins…

I think this should be in main requests and personally I think must be in some free update

I can’t see any sense on have VST bridge if cannot work in the expected way for old projects done in 32 with some plugins than is impossible to have installed in 64. Some of them as Bionic Delay (the greatest and first version) is only available on 32.

For example, FL Studio from long time ago can do this communication/conversion, I mean if Image-Line can, for sure Cubase can fix this…

Please Steinberg Team, help us with this!

And if you are an user agreed with this please vote +1

Thanks in advance

Of course VST bridging should be built into Cubase.

Moreover, under Windows, bridging is the only way to provide automatic scaling of non-HiDPI-compatible VST plugins:

scaling mode in Windows is per-application, so for non-HiDPI-compatible VST plugins to be scaled automatically by Windows, such plugins should run via a VST host implemented as a separate executable that runs as a non-DPI-aware application.

Another benefit of bridging is that plugin crash wouldn’t lead to DAW crash. Note that after DAW crash, it is not enough just to restart the DAW itself: e.g. with ESI Juli@ soundcard, ASIO driver cannot be reused after ASIO-application crash until entire-PC reboot which is very annoying.

There is not going to be a bitbridge from Cubase 9 and onwards.
So a big fat.

32bit support is dead, use jbridge for what you really can’t live without, or find 64bit alternatives, as there are plenty. 32bit bridged plugins are a burden on 64bit daw and more often than not they cause memory leaks, screen corruption, lock-ups etc. Completely wipe it off and go native 64 is the best you can do for a daw.

The VST bridge is not further developed.