VST Bridge question OSX

Is there a way to disable this on OSX 10.9.2 ? I actually don’t want ANY bridged plugins


Just don’t install / use 32 bit VST plugins.
Only install 64 bit versions.
Run Cubase in 64 bit ofcourse.

Hope this helps !


Aloha guys and +1 this works well.

Now If only I could get rid of HalionOne (32bit).
Can’t find a way to do it,


Is there a way to TURN OFF the VST Bridge app in Cubase is really what Im asking

May you could remove, or rather move the Vstbridge.app that is in cubase´s contents.

Careful with that. I tried that a while ago when trying to go all 64 bit.

Some things got really weird and I could never figure it.

Luckily I had ‘cloned’ my hard drive so no real prob to get back up-and-running.

To be fair, this was a year or so ago so perhaps thing have changed.

Good Luck!