VST Bridge Question

Hi all. It maybe looks like stupid question but im new to Cubase 6. Used 3 before and just upgraded.
So my question is How do i enable the vst bridge? do i need to so some setup or cubase just search for the 32 bit plugins? is there a place for setting for that? do i add the 32 bit plugin folder to the vst plugins search.
I do know whats the vst bridge for. and i do use jbridge but i just dont understand how is it with cubase vst bridge.
because all isee now is the 64 bit plugins i have.
Thank You

Just include the 32 plug-in folders in the Plug-In Information paths in Cubase. If it is 32 bit, Cubase will know and apply the VST Bridge automatically. It is essentially transparent to the user. You can tell it is “bridged” by the bars on the top and bottom of the II on the left side of the plug-in on the drop down list of plug-ins.

Thank You ill try it