VST Bridge Questions and Halion One Question

I have just switched over to Using Cubase 7.52 (OSC Mavericks) in 64 Bit Mode. The only plugin that loads up now upon starting Cubase that is 32 bit is the older Halion One. I’m guessing that is a holdover from Cubase 5 or 6 that was on my computer.

2 questions:

  1. Does the VST Bridge automatically load at startup if there is a 32 bit plugin (Halion One) that is scanned by Cubase at startup? Or does the VST Bridge ONLY load if you actually select a 32 bit plugin (Halion One) in a given project? I would rather not run the VST Bridge if I can avoid it. I don’t even use Halion One any more and don’t need the VST Bridge.

  2. How can I delete or make Halion One NOT load upon booting Cubase?

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sorry, I had to move this to the Cubase 7 -> General, as it is not an Issue Report and not about Cubase Pro 8.

If you don’t need HALionOne, you can move or delete these files / folders:
OS X HD -> Library -> Application Support -> Steinberg ->VST2 -> HALionOne.vst
OS X HD -> Library -> Audio -> Presets -> Steinberg Media Technologies -> HALionOne

[Edit: the VSTbridge is activated only when a bridged plug-in is loaded]

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