VST bug?

I’m busy in a session with the HALion Sonic orchestra VST.
I’m opening simultaneously a session with Kontakt Plug-Ins and HAlion Sonic Choir etc.
All of a sudden the VST section of my first session with just the HALion Sonic VST copied ALL of my Plug-Ins from the second session which is opened, without me doing anything.
So instead of orchestra instruments in my first session, I have all of a sudden all the Kontakt and choir VSTs of the second session in my first session.
It happens every time when I want to copy something.
I can’t send the files, sorry - they are too big. And if I erase the Plug-Ins, you can’t see the problem.
That’s VERY strange - I guess nobody ever had the same problem?
I just can report it though I know that it probably can’t be reproduced.

This doesn’t sound like any problem I can recall, I’m afraid. If you have steps to reproduce the problem, please let us know.

Do the VSTs actually appear on the right panel of Play mode in the other project, under VST Instruments?

Note that if you have two Dorico projects open at the same time, switching windows will unload the VSTs of one and load the VSTs of the other. This will cause Dorico to hang for a bit and perhaps open all of the VST windows on top. Frequently switching back and forth will constantly cause plugins to be reloaded and it might cause confusion as to which VSTs are currently being used by each project.

Hey Jester thanx a lot,
yes, I know all that - and I think how you describe it, it is exactly the problem - but it shouldn’t happen anyway that the whole VST section of one project is replaced by the section of the other project.

Hey Daniel,
would it help if I’d make a short screen-film and send it by PM? I think Jester describes it perfectly.

I’m with Jester here – I’ve seen similar things myself.