Vst bypass question/note hang problem

Hi guys, im setting a project for live keys and I’m almost there. :unamused:
I have a little problem with some vsts…
In my setup: every midi track is sending to 4 vsts, and i can bypass the vst or enable/disable the send.(generic remote control-mapped all the vsts on 3 presets in my midi keyboard).

In some of the vsts, when I’m disableing a midi send or bypassing the vst it-self, there is a note hang(cutting signal before sustain off or note off) sometimes it’s just annoying, sometimes its crushes a little…

How do I program(?) In generic remote or something,
that every time I’m bypassing a vst/disabling a midi send -
*1)firstly, it sends to that vst/midi send “midi notes off”+“sustain off”?(or ‘midi reset’? what’s the difference?)
*2)And then disabling send/bypassing vst(what’s you preference?)