VST Centers and black outs rest of screen 64bit

This is a bit tricky to explain but here goes nothing:

I recently changed to 64 bit Cubase from 32 bit.

When opening a new VST instrument, a small window appears, with a “thumbnail” picture of the VST.
Then I have to click on that to see the real VST-instrument. It opens centered on screen and the rest of the screen “fades a bit” in colours, and makes this VST-window in focus.

Is there any way to disable that, so the VST’s opens like it did before, when i ran the 32 bit Cubase.

Hope this is described in a manner that is easy to understand.

Thank you.

I that the way to show 32-bit bridged plugins maybe?

To switch to a 64-bit plugin in project you load might help in that case.

Or use jbridge for 32 bit plugins. This works better anyway

I tried jBridge, which has worked ok, it is kind of messy. So alternatives would be greatly appreciated.