VST chaining possible?

If I am not mistaken it is not possible to add multiple VSTs in one slot of the VST-Rack.
I would like to add a MIDI-VST before the actual VST that converts MIDI to audio. But I can only select either the MIDI VST or an audio VST.
Have you considered the possibility of chaining MIDI and audio Plugins like in a track of a DAW?

Welcome to the forum, @astoeber. This isn’t something that is presently on our radar, but perhaps you might be able to use a solution like Plogue Bidule to achieve this in the meantime?

Thank you for the quick answer. Haven’t heared of that before, I’ll have a look.
The feature request would help to tidy up my setup and keep everything in Dorico.

My current setup is, to route all instruments to virtual MIDI Ports and use a Reaper project to manage all the instruments, MIDI-Plugins, Effects and Mixing.

If I am lucky, you will discover more benefits and usecases for this idea in the future. At the moment I can live with it.