VST chorus effect with delay time less than 10ms

Hi there,
I like to use chorus effect a lot in my music with the mix on 100%, width (depth) on 0 and very importantly a delay time set to 2ms. I bought Cubase Essential 5 in December and the delay time in the chorus effect is 10ms at the minimum which makes a HUGE difference to the sound and is not what I am looking for. I can not seem to get third party free VST chorus effects to appear for me in Cubase (eg Blue Cat and Classic Chorus) and I think many or all have the same minimum delay as the included chorus. I believe Cubase 6 and Artist are the same judging from the manual. Basically if anyone knows how I can get a chorus effect in which I can set the delay time to 2ms please respond to this and tell me. Can I connect an external effects unit to the output then back to the input again?

I have vista, processing 2GHZ and 4GB RAM