VST Classics Vol. 1 : Model-E not working on cubase VST32

It’s fantastic that the Model-E is available with a face lift and free - brilliant - thanks Steinberg! … but if only I could get it working though. Has anyone had problems getting Model-E to work with Cubase VST32 5.1 (old, I know but I like it and serves my purposes well!) ?? I’m installed on Windows XP (32) . .It installs fine, and when I look at the programme directory Cubase/vstplugins its there alright but I cant seem to call it up in the application … Cubase behaves as it is just not there. VB1 is fine though … Can anyone shed any light on this?
Many thanks in advance for any help.

I had the same problem with Cubase LE 1.0.10. Everything installed correctly but Cubase just wouldn’t load it. It’s a pity as this version of Cubase is limited to 2 VST instruments and a multitimbral instrument like Model-E would be really useful.

Strangely enough Model-E seems to work OK in other DAWs which is ironic given that most of the legacy Steinberg instruments (jx16 for example) only work in Cubase. I know Model-E is unsupported but a fix/workaround for this instrument would be most welcome.