VST compatability

I currently have CB11 and looking to upgrade to 12. I have Omnisphere power synth, NI Sessions horn Pro and Arias player (JABB) on a PC. There have been comments about VSTs not working on CB12 but I’m not clear if this is on an Apple, PC or both? TIA


Mostly these are some specific system related. I would wait for Cubase 12 Trial and try it on the specific (yours) system.

Thank you but wouldn’t these have been tested by Steinberg so it’s clear what is compatible? When you say specific system related you mean W10? Do you know when the trial is being released? Thanks


No, I mean your computer system, your mother board, graphic card, screens setup, etc., etc. Lots of plug-ins are tested at Steinberg and by the Beta users. But the variety of the systems are huge. Therefore sometimes you can read, something doesn’t work (even though it’s working at other system).

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Hi, I’m on PC/Win 11 and a don’t have Arias, but Omnisphere 2 and NI Komplete (including Session Horns Pro) have worked without problems for me so far.

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Thanks Guys…there were some comments about some VSTs not working on Apple, I was concerned that if I upgraded to CB12 then some of the VSTs would not work on my PC. The specs of the PC haven’t changed. Do you know when the trial is coming out? I’m adverse to upgrading and then having to upgrade/replace other software.

Maybe, in the current “early-transition” situation, it could be wise to postpone updates for a while, staying with the (11 or older) system already in use, which is known to fully work, and waiting for the whole thing to consolidate.