VST compatibility


I’m thinking of buying a new PC. I want to get windows 64 bit so I can use more RAM and processing power etc. I have read stuff about 32 bit VSTs not working in 64bit cubase. I have also read that steiberg say that all THEIR vsts will work via some conversion software stuff built into cubase. I am not sure about non native VSTs though. Can someone clear this up for me?


That’s partially correct. They won’t run without a conversion program.
All 32 bit plugins need to be “bridged” in order to work in a 64 bit DAW host.
Cubase features VSTBridge to do this, and will automatically be enabled on 32 bit plugins.
Another program that can do this is called jBridge (needs to be bought separately).
People around the forums say that jBridge is better than VSTBridge.

That’s VSTBridge.

They may work via VSTBridge or jBridge, they may not.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. Bridging a plugin is more resource intensive than it is when running in it’s native environment (32 bit).
  2. Bridging only works on plugins up to VST 2.4 spec (pre 2008*)

For further reading:

Also: you can install Cubase 32 bit alongside Cubase 64 bit and run them on the same computer (not simultaneously). This is a workaround if you don’t want to bridge your plugins.