VST Connect 08082019

Any VST Connect users out there? I have an issue using VST Connect. VST Connect at my end all operates as it should but every time we attempt to record, the PERFORMER end has an almost whole note delay which makes it impossible to record. I’ve tried just about everything, reducing buffer size etc but to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this effect or maybe you have an answer to my dillema. Any comments greatly appreciated. When i watch you tube vids they dont seem to have any issues.

This is the remote latency which is required to compensate for the roundtrip delay.
You probably have enabled input monitor on the Performer track - don’t. You hear the Performer signal thru the Control Room VST Connect Monitor plugin at any time. If you listen via headphone in Cubase, you may have to move that plugin to the headphone monitor channel bottom.
You are advised to start an empty Cubase project and use the “Create VST Connect” function from the VST Cloud/Vst Connect menu.
More details can be found at https://connectvst.com