VST Connect 3 - Add Talkback Channel Grayed Out

I’m able to “create a talkback channel by hand”, but the menu option in both VST Connect Pro and VST Connect SE is grayed out when i create a VST connect project.

After selecting “Create VST Connect” the only options in the menu that are not grayed out are “Remove VST Connect”, “Open Performer Video”, and “Create Performer Track”.

selecting “Create VST Connect” creates a performer track. When would I want more than one performer track? Is there a way to distribute the multi-tracks recorded from the Connect Performer across more than the stereo channel? How?

Watching the video Steinberg uses on the VST Connect Pro page, they say “A VST Instrument can be loaded”. This seems to imply the studio can load their instruments so the artist can have access to their VST instruments. This doesn’t appear to be the case. It appears from what I’ve been experiencing, the VST Instrument must be on the “Artist’s” computer. Is that true?

Lastly, what is taking so long in HD file transfer? My brother and I can upload a project he’s recorded with about 30 minutes of 8 tracks recorded to dropbox in about 10 minutes. I tried to upload about 5 minutes of recording 8 tracks of him through VST Connect and it took more than 15 minutes. Is there a way we can get the upload process to match his and my bandwidth rather than have it take so long?

Thanks for the help.

“Create Talkback Channel” is disabled when there is a talkback channel already.

Well, your Performer may want to provide several versions, voices, instruments…or?

With the SE version, you record one track at a time. You can record as many as you like one after the other (that’s why there is “Create Performer Track”).
If you have the PRO version, each channel in the VST Connect Mixer has additional items to select which channels to record individually during a take, which can then afterwards be aquired in full resolution, and individual tracks are automatically created in Cubase/Nuendo for each recorded channel (in addition to the mixed stereo recording which is always provided).

True, a VST Instrument can be loaded in the Performer app and this can be played by both Performer and Studio (this way, studio can record the audio of that instrument). Performer can also send MIDI to studio.

The transfer is in parallel to the audio and video streams that are still active. There will be other options later.
With the VST Connect PRO 3 version, each Cubase/Nuendo project has a corresponding folder on the Performer computer with the same name (in the Performers’ documents folder). You can transfer the entire folder using your preferred method (i.e. dropbox) and use “Get local HD files” on the studio side to have VST Connect PRO its magic to create tracks etc.
Hope that helps.

Thank you for the quick response.

I should have been more clear, I am using VST Connect Pro (and have been very/excited to be able to record my brothers who are 3,000 miles away).

With the create talkback concern, while there is a talk back channel in the Controlroom, starting the VST Connect does not insert the channel in the project window. Thus I have to insert a track that is talkback and then route it to the Control Room Talk back. It’s not a big deal, but odd I have to do that if there is a macro supposedly already set up to do this in the VST Connect menu.

Distributing multi-tracks in the project window. how does one route the recorded multi channels in the VST connect window to the audio tracks in the project window? There doesn’t appear to be instructions on how to do this in the manual.

VST Instruments and effects. Your response is still as unclear as the video. I was attempting to define the “can be loaded” aspect of this. From what I understand, the VST effect, or VST instrument must be local to the Performer’s machine. I have Cubase Pro, and Halion on the “control room” machine. Is there a way to allow my brother to access these instruments using VST Connect Performer? Or does he have to have these licences local to his machine?

W/ respect to the HD file. I did notice you know give the location of the file. I didn’t realize what the “get local files” meant. Where do i put the files he transfers to me on the “control room” machine after we transfer them to each other?

thanks again. Very excited about all the advancements. This program alone has opened so many doors. Great work!

I guess you haven’t quite got the concept of the Control Room and its Talkback function. There is no channel for that in the project window; the Control Room is local, and entirely separated from the project. You will neither find the Talkback nor the Cue channel in the project view; open the Control Room Mixer from the ‘devices’ menu, or, on the top left corner of the Mixer Window, enable the Control Room Mixer view to have it integrated in the mixer.

VST Connect PRO does that automatically when you apply “Get HD files”, it automatically creates one track for each VST Connect channel that was record enabled individually.

Your brother can send MIDI to the studio computer, and so can play your instrument, but with a delay. It’s not supposed to work this way…
Studio can use Performers’ instrument by sending MIDI and recording audio. Performer can play along to his internal VST Instrument and at the same time send MIDI to the studio so studio can record that MIDI and send it to whatever VST Instrument it has loaded. This way both are in sync, however Performer can only hear his own instrument (otherwise there was a delay).

Wherever you like. You then point to that directory when activating “Get Local”.

Thanks! I suggest you have a closer look at the Control Room, with the VST Connect integration it offers some very powerful functions once you get your head around it, and it’s not complicated once you got the clue :slight_smile: