VST Connect 4.0.42 on Mac Sierra 10.12x

Anyone running 4.0.42 Of VST Connect on Sierra? It says it’s only supported you Mojave and Catalina but often Steinberg apps will work with older Mac OS versions. Also, I’m running Cubase 10.0.6 on a 2012 MacPro. I just don’t want to upgrade my OS right now but need a more stable version of VST Connect. 4.0.2 for Sierra seems kinda unstable.

Thank you


Sierra is 10.12, correct? I think “VST Connect Perfomer” and “VST Connect SE/PRO” can run on this Operating system. But it is not (!) officially supported. Have you installed the latest update : 4.0.42? I bet you can run it …

Let us know,

Yes, and it works ok for now :slight_smile: