VST Connect settings - HD Option is gone?

Hi there,

I have installed VST Connect Pro the version.

Thing is, VST Connect Pro 4 used to have a set to HD (48 kHz) option and also an encryption option.

On at the options section, I cannot see the HD option nor the encryption option either.

They are both missing.

Are they meant to have gone, or is there something wrong with the version of VST connect that I installed?

Do any other users using the version have the same options missing?


hi somecomposer

the licence for V5 PRO isn’t the same as the V4 PRO - so you’ve been bumped down to the SE version of V5

If you want to use V5 PRO then there’s an upgrade cost. It’s the first time there has been a charge in over 8 years and it’s very, very reasonably priced so I fully recommend you do :D. It’s available in the Steinberg shop so you can be up an running in minutes !

FWIW the HD option is actually uncompressed - not sample rate specific

Hi there,

thank you for your prompt reply. Much appreciated!

Sorry, my fault, on my Original Post I omitted to let you know that I bought the full version of VST Connect Pro 5

I bought it from this page: VST Connect: Remote Recording Solution | Steinberg

Everything works as supposed to, but as I said, on the Settings I don’t get the HD option and Encryption.

Cheers and I appreciate all your help!!

You are right, sorry. The encryption item has been ‘forgotten’ due to a UI redesign. It will be back with the upcoming version (next week afaik).
As for ‘HD option’, if you mean ‘uncompressed’, that should work when connected to a PRO version. At least we make sure it does with said upcoming version.

Thanks so much, I appreciate you letting me know!!

what’s the network/cpu overhead for the encryption - basically any reason to use it if you’re not paranoid ?

Well, it’s for a film and it’s under contract re: confidentiality, etc.

I very much doubt any files will go astray, to be honest, but I was just wondering why I couldn’t see the encryption option, the same with the HD option.

I think encryption is good to have, at least as an option.


absoulutely, I’m not saying you shouldn’t use it - ‘if’ there was zero impact then it should just be on by default and remove the option to turn it off (like zoom etc) - Just wondering what the actual impact was…

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Sure thing, :+1:

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Of course, encryption/decryption does have some performance overhead.

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just wondering how much ?

42 :slight_smile:
sorry, this depends on a lot of factors. It has to touch each byte that is beeing sent, how much impact depends on cpu, memory timing and 1000 more. Just give it a try.


42 is the answer I was looking for :smiley:

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"42 is the answer I was looking for "
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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No idea what 42 means but cheers :upside_down_face:

it’s either a totally random number …or the meaning of life, the universe and everything :smiley:

maybe both ?


more than ‘everything’ is hard to beat…