VST Connect 5.5.10 - ADR - HD-Files Postroll missing


I detected a weird issue. When I´m diong a ADR-Recording via VST-Connect with Pre and Postroll and I get the HD-File, I only can make the clip longer and get the Preroll-Recording. The 2 sec, Postroll are missing, I can´t make the clip longer. When I do it with the net-File I can make the clip longer. So now I have to drag the clip to the back to get the postroll and then drag the HD file first, then this also has the postroll.
Can this be bypassed so that the HD-files are always pulled completely with Postroll?

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We will check this, thanks for reporting!

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I have to ask - postroll means “continue to play for xx seconds after recording (after punch out)”, right? So there is no recording after recording :slight_smile:
The reason that you can extend HD files is just because Performer gets playback ahead of Studio time. Thus when you stop recording (or it is automatically stopped), Performer is already ahead by the amount of Remote Delay setting, so it appears that it records longer than ‘local’ recording.
Short answer, you cannot extend a local recording (without VST Connect), so this is what you get when recording with VST connect as well. Or did I miss something?

However, I can extend my recordings by the postroll when I am dubbing local recordings. This is essential when dubbing, because often after the actual take is still a connection like a breathe afterwards or something.
I understand the setting I have in the ADR-Taker also so.
To be able to work correctly with the ADR-Taker also in the dubbing, this is essential. Still it works with VST-Connect about the workaround to extend the clip first and then to pull the hd-file - it would be nicer when I could pull the hd-clip longer afterwards if needed.

You are correct, in this case it is different. We will check the issue, thanks for reporting.

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thank you very much, is it possible to get status updates or so in this case?

Sure, we’ll let you know here when a new version becomes available.