VST Connect 5 Pro/SE

Hi fellow PostPro guys,
as today, please take notice that VST Connect 5 PRO/SE is released with a lot of cool new features!
Especially for POST !

There is now Video Streaming Support as well as a lot of other cool stuff.

Check it out:



Source Elements has pretty much turned into a standard these days.
Also, the lack of AAX / ProTools support pretty much limits the sales of this solution I believe…

It says “transfer uncompressed files”. We’re using an application called Connection Open and with it you work directly with uncompressed files, plus video, no need to wait for a transfer. John

Well… used it, had lots of droputs and issues…
But, whatever floats your boat dude…

Protools has been a blast of the past for me…
And so is aax :wink:


Know that too… as Session link, or Source Element, it didn’t compensate for the delay of the Internet. So no real synced workflow possible. You need to shift whatever has been recorded after the fact…

You can have a losless stream inside of VST connect 5 too, but i never need that to be honest. 320 or even 256 is pretty dann good for speech.

Just give it a try …


I’m a big fan of VST Connect, and just got v5 (haven’t had a chance to run it through its paces yet).

I wouldn’t go so far to say that the compressed audio, at any bitrate, is something I’d feel comfortable about turning in as a final product, but it sure is more than adequate for running a remote session.


I’ve been using it a great deal since Covid and its been awesome. My experience with V5 is here https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1056396#p1056396

Likewise. It has been the right thing at the right time, for sure. Thanks for posting the topic…it’s great to see someone using this stuff at “scale.” My own experience has been much more one-on-one. But equally a lifesaver in these bizarre times.


Am I losing something of am I running VST Connect Pro with my N10 license? I never bought VST Connect Pro license and now I’d like to obtain it but I don’t know if update or full license is required.

The bottom line is that if you didn’t get a VST Connect Pro license you can’t run it, you only have VST Connect SE. Pro doesn’t come with Nuendo, and requires a separate download and license. Once you have that, it works from the VST Cloud window.


You need to buy the PRO version - it’s in sale at the moment.
The update is from PRO 4 to PRO 5.

If you never bought a PRO license - you need so now … :slight_smile:


I’ve obtained features that only work in Pro version like “Studio Pass”, so I don’t know why Pro features are included in my N10 license.

just check you elicenser if you have a pro - if not - you need to get the full version :wink:

After checking out Studio Pass in the App Store, I’m guessing that although they say you have to have VST Connect Pro to use it, it must work with the SE version as well. If you don’t have a Pro license, that would be the only thing that would make sense to me.

Pro has all sorts of enhancements over SE— Like basicX, I’m for it. It’s cheap!


Used it extensively yesterday, recording multitrack drums. No issues over approx 5 hours. There’s a great and not much talked about feature in the files section where you can see all the recorded takes and associated multi track HD files. Prior to pulling them in from the users computer you delete that which you’re not using to save time and bandwidth. Much like the offline files button in the hd section being a life saver if the artists connection is e.g. less than 1meg. You can ask them to zip up the files )folder in ‘my documents’ is the same as project title) and get them to send them to you via Dropbox or similar. Don’t get me started on the upside of being able now to resize the interface and certain sections within. :grin:

Cool the see that the thing works great for you! :slight_smile: !!

Picked it up, ran some test for video streaming, Exciting stuff, look forward to testing further in a real working situation. I already own Source connect Live, this has its advantages over it, especially being directly in the box. Nice work yet again steinberg

The guy I was cross-country figuring this stuff out with last summer and I were going nuts trying to get things rolling smoothly at first-- and then I found the FAQ on the Steinberg support page which covered a great deal of territory not considered in the manual. Made a big difference (especially in figuring out how to get the mono vs stereo full res wavs transferred over. Among other things.


Would you mind to share it please?


Hope you find it useful!