VST Connect 5 - Recording double tracks

First of all, thanks everyone for this new release! So far, it seems to have corrected the many crashes I was experiencing. My band and I can now move forward recording remotely! We are greatly relieved. This is by far the best remote recording software out there, and I know everyone is putting in a lot of hard work. It’s greatly appreciated!

I’m recording my friend (who is of course using VST Performer). I’ve set up two channels, one for the stereo guitar and one for the mono DI. I set up the Performer track, hit record, then pull over the HD files, which end up getting pulled into the project under the VST Connect PRO folder as Perf. Ch. 0 and Perf. Ch. 1, respectively. So far, so great.

My question is this: We want to record a second guitar part overdub over the first guitar part. I create a new Performer Track, but when I pull the HD files over, they end up getting put on the original Perf. Ch. 0 and Perf. Ch. 1 tracks. My expectation is that new HD tracks would be created for the new Performer track. Manually moving the takes to new tracks is very troublesome, especially because we’re doing multiple takes (and since the multiple takes don’t end up in lanes, this gets really messy). Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to do this? Or is this something to be implemented in the future?

Much thanks again!

I’m hoping a developer/mod can answer the above question - here’s the tl;dr version:

How do I use VST Connect Pro to record a second instrument (guitar) adjacent to the first? When I pull the HD tracks over, they end up on the first track (Perf.Ch.0).

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for your nice words!

Here is an important point. The Tracks “Perf. Ch. 0” and “Perf. Ch. 1” are representing your Performer Channels. Let’s say “Guitar A” and “Guitar B”.

I guess at the same time position.

And here is the key. The Tracks “Perf. Ch. 0” and “Perf. Ch. 1” are not used for “recording sessions”. They are the Performer Channels. It would be more clearer when those tracks would named “Guitar A” and “Guitar B”, I guess. We are working on it.

Maybe duplicate those tracks and rename them to “Session A”, Session B"? What would you expect? Lanes? We are open for any suggestions.

Have a nice day,