VST Connect 5 Update - Users example of the upside

Absolutely brilliant work guys (@Michael, @Musicullam) and whoever else was involved in getting V5 together. Already run some tests and happy to use on a client session in the next hour. I’m really grateful you’ve added the resizable GUI and fixed the screen rendering issue when using multiple screens. Updated GUI is also a lot easier on the eye, great call on that one, plus all the under the hood stuff that’s clearly gone into making the whole thing a lot slicker, inc the ADR functionality which is great for uses other than ADR! Huge thanks :slight_smile:

With Covid, I’ve had to change the process for a lot of my production and recording sessions. One of the things I’ve been able to do, thanks to VST Connect, is run remote pre production sessions, working individually with musicians, inc the song writer, who are collaborating on a project. This has meant that I’ve been able to cut down time spent with people ‘physically’ together in the studio. Something I love but during these times have had to curtail a bit. I would have never considered this process before the pandemic but what I’ve found now, doing it for several months on a regular basis, is that firstly no one complains, and secondly, they prefer it. I’ll spend several days working with the musicians via VST Connect updating files and concepts as we go, sharing with the band etc, getting all the ideas and structure together. The process works way better than I initially thought, helped massively by what has been for me, a stable (mostly) VST Connect platform. E.g. Drummers setup is a room in his house put together during Covid, with 8 mics around the kit pointing at the usual places. I’m able to record all 8 mics on separate tracks over several takes and select the one we all agree is the gen arrangement and feel we’re after. Same with all the other musicians and vocalist(s). I particularly love that we can record midi for keys and sequencing tracks, allowing me to edit and play with ideas etc before we hit the studio. I’ll collate the tracks and rough mix out for each, excl their part for practice etc with click track. Works a treat and workflow is fast. If I consider the time and energy saved by avoiding the unnecessary travel for all it makes me feel even better. This has meant that what would have required a min of 4 days studio time, has been reduced to one. Everyone appears happy, inc the labels who have their own Covid security reqs for their artists.

I use a few studios with large live rooms e.g can record a 40 piece orch for s good reason. They sound great but also, it allows for great spacing of artists, again Covid safe, where the setup also means I’m ok too. One of the downsides I feared was for the studios themselves. Myself and others booking less time. As I mix everything in my own space, it literally becomes just one or two days, dependent on how many tracks we’re recording. What we’ve found is that there is an upside to this for them too. Getting into a great live room in a studio with great gear usually ain’t cheap, especially if you’re racking up days inc travel costs, per diems etc. Being able to remote produce with clients means I’ve been able to get more artists into the studio, as working this way has made it more affordable for them and therefore the studios I’m loyal too haven’t lost out. In fact I can see them getting busier as a consequence of this and us finding new and more flexible ways of working as is already the case.

This may all be temporary but I have a strong feeling, for a great deal of projects, this’ll continue to be the way to go if the feedback from the clients is anything to go by.

Again, huge thanks to Michael and Musicullam and the rest of the team for making this possible :slight_smile:

yes - thanks

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Is there no grace period for those of us who have registered the previous version of VST Connect Pro?

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wow - “Thank your for the flowers”, as we say :slight_smile:

Please forgive me if I am asking in the wrong thread, or if I should have started a new tread, but I have been using VST Connect V4 for some time and I just upgraded to V5 today. When I open up pro from one of the songs it crashes immediately. Performer seems to work fine, but pro (opening from a song) is not. Maybe I did something wrong in the install or setup?

you probably missed to register the software, see https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1056616#p1056616
Sorry for that, will be fixed with the next update.

You were 100% right. I posted the same thing in another post (tried to do it the right way). That was exactly the problem. Thank you!