VST Connect almost there

I’m new to Nuendo, since I’m usually a Sequoia guy. So far I’m very impressed with some Nuendo features. Some, not so much.
I want to make a post pro suggestion for the new VST Connect feature. I’m using ISDN codecs for over 10 years now and some, like the APTX stuff are still the most reliable, best sounding solution out there. Delay is mostly below 10ms.
Still, it’s 2013 and less and less people have proper ISDN lines at their disposal.
The built in VST connect looks like the right step forward and like a better source connect.
You even get a multi track Pro version. Remote midi pianos and studio drummers are all cool, but don’t you see what a voice over feature this is?
Please Steinberg, can you explain to me, why I have no time code lock on an embedded video player? At least give me embedded LTC, not audio LTC. That’s what codecs do until the 90s.
A good way would be, for the other side to load a copy of the video file and off you go.
The coolest way would be to use the video stream which is now occupied by the webcam.
I do have a webcam chat, but not the option to send video? Come on, that must be possible. At least with pre compressed video. We can get the necessary upload nowadays.
Our video guys constantly do hd streams from venues and stuff, and they are using simple i7 workstations for it.

If you are really fricking amazing, the you could include the ADR taker into vst connect performer.
I do quite a bit of dubbing work.
Image you could do your ADR sessions remotely around the world. Video feed, ADR pre-roll, the lot.
I’d be such a happy bunny.

Agreed on all of the above! It would be nice for Steinberg to create video and promotion showing their flagship post pro DAW doing something other than music. John


thanks for your suggestions. The current version of VST Connect is not so much intended to work in a post-production environment, indeed, it doesn’t focus on video streaming at all. However, we think about extending VST Connect to make it useable in post-production as of course we see potential in the ADR area (however many studios still avoid recording the voice artist at a different place than their own studio where they can communicate with the voice artist directly). Anyway, it is still under consideration to extend VST connect.


Please Vst Connect Adr Oriented would make the difference.

A lot of people would be really happy.

Take a look to what source-elements is doing.

Streaming video to performer and studio pass would be really amazing, but just vst connect performer with the ability to load a video file and lock to nuendo playback will make my day.

Nowadays everybody is working with so many people in different locations.

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards.

+1 on considering video post production as being as important as music. Some well-known actors that have recently been in my humble Kentucky studio and experienced the new ADR taker features in Nuendo are impressed, and they don’t even know the difference between PT and Nuendo. 95% of my ADR work is lock to picture over ISDN. A remote VST with video and timecode, or at the very least timecode, would rock the ADR world and put Nuendo in the conversation. I’m tired of getting silence on the other end of a phone call when I explain that I use Nuendo instead of PT for ADR. “It’s better than PT,” I assure them.

+1 for VST connect audio post edition

Hey Timo,
thanks for your reply. Yet are you seriously suggesting that musicians are more willing to work at a different location to the studio than voice actors?
Vst Connect currently is directed to musicians. That’s great, but I can assure you, VO work is a lot more flexible than music work. It has been since ISDN.
VST Connect Post Pro edition please.


The ability to just sync timelines to someone elses or another studio running aversion of Cubase or Nuendo with Video file loaded on there end while streaming a stereo or 5.1 upstream would be great. For client reviews when they can’t be in the same room. Would be stellar!!