VST Connect and Lanes

Hi Guys,

Can’t seem to find a definitive answer anywhere, but I was wondering whether it’s possible to use VST Connect with lanes?

I’ve tried doing a test recording prior to an important session with a remote singer and despite the cycle option being enabled in transport, it ignored the left and right locators when recording and just kept going.

Are lanes available for VST Connect users, or is there something I have to change in settings to allow this that I can’t find?




Really? I will try this. It should works, there is ni reason. Lanes are splited just virtually in Cubase. It’s one long file (if we are talking about audio) in fact.

What Cubase version do you use? What system specification, please? Did you use VST Connect SE or Pro?

Not sure if this is still the case, but I remember cycle recording not being supported by VST Connect.

Maybe this has changed with recent versions.

Thanks for the responses guys.

Yeah I don’t see why it wouldn’t work @Martin, but I could replicate the problem a few times.

I’m only concerned about recording a single channel of audio in this case - a singer from a studio in Dallas USA, while I’m here in Brisbane Australia.

I’m using a Mac Pro with OS X El Capitan and whatever the latest Cubase Pro 8.5 is. In this case I’ve used VST Connect SE, but could try the trial of Pro, as I’m probably going to buy it anyway. I just wanted to make sure it’d work with my normal flow before pulling the trigger.

VST connect needs some extra time to sync properly. Looping a section caused sync issues.

But you can record several takes manually. Stop and jump back. You should be able to use the lanes afterwards.

This problem affects both Se and Pro version. It’s not a limitation of Se version.

I suppose I’ll just have to press stop and immediately hit record a bunch of times in order for it to write to lanes.

So, to confirm, lanes will work, but the looping function just doesn’t work?

I think you can use lanes if you have more than one event stacked on top of each other. Doesn’t have to be recorded in cycle mode.

Yep it works normally in local Cubase operation when you manually stop/start the recording.

I guess the cycle process just adds another sync variable between local and remote machines.

It’d be awesome if it was able to be included as a feature - I imagine the most common use of this feature is a soloist or vocalist to perform on top of an existing mix. Often, this is the kind of material that uses the lanes feature.