As I read, everything is compatible to OS X 11.1. - but not VST CONNECT PRO and SE.

Acutally I want to update my System OS X 10 to El Capitan, but I am afraid, VST CONNECT will not work after that.

Any idea how long I have to wait ?



that’s not correct. VST Connect SE is already updated for OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). VST Connect SE is part of Cubase. If you are working with Cubase 8.0, you can download the latest 8.0.35 Update here. Cubase 8.5 is already finde with OS X 10.11

VST Connect PRO can be used with 10.11 (El Capitan). The problem is that is will crash when you close Cubase. But note : Your Cubase project will be untouched. Anyway … we are planning to release the missing 10.11 update for VST Connect PRO this month (January).

I hope this info could give your some lights,

Hi Michael, got it. I will wait for the 10.11 update. Ted

Well, now it’s the end of February! How are the plans coming along?