VST Connect Community List: People who want to connect

I’ll keep an eye on this thread and try to keep it on topic.

Include your VST Connect user name (not your email!) to allow people to find you in the VST Connect Friends list (left-most icon, should be the first thing you see after logging in)


I am here with VST connect pro and VST performer. Would like to collaborate with an artist, drummer, percussionists, or recording engineer? I play violin ( classical, jazz, and Persian) and some keyboard. I am Iranian and lived in the USA ( eastern standard time) since 2001.

Hello all. I’m Al James from Edinburgh., Been away for too long…lockdown bringing me home :slight_smile:

Here with home studio and looking to offer my services to anyone requiring vocals, piano, programming instruments, production and arrangement.

Hit me up if you would like some help with your projects…no money being asked. I just want to help.



hi… i am using Cubase 10.5 and have VST connect Pro
can i record 2 artist at a separate location at one point of time…
basically i have to record a podcast… both the host and the guest are at 2 different location…
can i record both of them in 2 different tracks while they speak to each other on Skype

I teach at a local College in Wyoming (USA) and we have class projects where we need musicians since we are not allowed to gather.
I apologize but there is no budget so any assistance would be no money.
We are learning VST Connect now (how appropriate).
If someone would be willing to assist we would appreciate it.


Would there be musicians here who would like to play and make productions from time to time via VST CONNECT.

Sometime I need some instuments (bass, sax, voc)to my pop/rock pruductions here in Finland

I´m roducer and sound designer here in Oulu (Finland).

I paly all kinds of guitars, synth and I programming lots stuff too. I have more than 20 years of expreince to produce music.

Can we collect list here and share projects time to time. We can use VST Connect PRO and be friends there. We can help each other.

My VST CONNECT id is “raunofinland”


Hi, I’m up for that. I have many VST instruments, can produce arrange, perform and sing. Have added you on Connect Pro interface now. I’m ‘aljames’ on there.

Great Thanks

I’ve added you already. Will look for you online. Or we can arrange a test collaboration?

Hello out there. Where is everybody with all this? I am willing to connect up, and see if we can get everything working. I hace C10.5, Vst 4, and 600/15 internet speed

vst user: trevsonic

Music Producer trying to collaborate

VST Connect name: magsmccoy

bassist / tubist / engineer / producer, Steinberg ID is also “goodflow”.

Happy to lend bass lines to other people’s’ work, also interested in troubleshooting and working out the kinks of VST Connect Pro as I haven’t had much success with getting it to work yet.

if you’re having issues then post a new thread - people here are happy to help getting you up and running

Man, I would love to collaborate a bit. I could use some help with some piano. Also, just really getting the VST connect workflow dialed in. I’ve had a couple of moderately successful sessions. Haven’t done a MIDI session though. I’m in. Let me know if you want to connect.