VST Connect Crash during login

I’ve got a problem with VST Connect SE in Cubase 9.5 Pro. I’m on a mac (10.11.6) and every time i want to login in Connect SE the complete cubase app crashes without any notice. It doesen’t matter if i enter the correct or wrong password. Click login, and crash.
I’ve tried to update Connect SE with the the “VST Connect Pro”-update (as steinberg notice on the update page, it should work also for SE users). But this made it even more bad! After the update the complete cubase app crashes instantly if i only select “Create VST Connect” in the menu.

After hours of trying, even delete cubase user preferences, i found “vstconnect.bundle” in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components that wasn’t there before the “VST Connect Pro”-update. After removing it from the Componentes folder it can run the “Create VST Connect” now, but the crash during login still exists!

So what now? I’m hesitate with an complete reinstall of cubase.


can you please send me the crash log? m.spork (at) steinberg.de


Any solution to this? I also suffered from this when I tried to use my Mac, no problem with my PC though…

As far as i know is, that they working on it.

Ok, thanks, then at least I know that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but
that it was a bug that will be fixed in the future, thanks a lot!