VST Connect crash on start

Hello fellow Steinberg-users,

After using several other DAWs for over 20 years, COVID-19 showed me the way to Steinberg, mostly because of the VST Connect.
I bought Cubase Pro because I have two remote recording sessions coming up for a client, I’m in The Hague (NL), client and performer are in Berlin (DE) and nobody should travel at the moment.

To test I downloaded and installed VST Connect Performer 4.0.45, but it crashes everytime I launched. I removed it, restarted my laptop (win10 pro), downloaded again, installed again. I tried removing VST plugins from their folder etc, but still the program crashes on launch, every single time.

Where do I go with such a problem?

Should I attach a crash dump here? (i tried looking into it for clues, but they’re not plain text logs)

Hi polycorn,
actually there are some problems in Connect Pro and Performer.
But the best results for a connect you may have with the Connect + Performer Version 4.0.44.
I use Connect Pro 4.0.45 at last session together with Performer 4.0.44, also works good.
I only had some problems, when i want get the HD-Files from the Performer.
But this i diskuss already in the Topic “Crash Nightmare”.
If it will not work on your Workstation, you can try an older version 4.0.20.
I’m waiting for a solution or another update for this HD-Problem.
But normally it works fine.

Thank you for your response. Actually the problem I experienced was caused by a .dll from 2012, by Logitech. A webcam driver.

I removed it from the c:\windows\system32 folder and now it works perfectly.

Thanks for letting us know!
As we are at it…we explicitly disable the “Logi Capture” driver as it crashes every time.