VST Connect Crash - related to Steinberg server overload


I had a recording session scheduled today, using VST Connect Pro

My client in Berlin hired a singer, all went quite well for a couple of hours (except for video freezing once in a while).
Then Cubase Pro suddenly crashed after a very brief completely black screen.

In the following attempts to reboot, restart, reconnect etc it seemed that VST Connect was convinced it had to sync over 700 files, which is nonsense because all was either recorded lossless or already synced. No NET files left.

I know Cubase 11 was launched and apparently the enthousiasm of buyers overloaded the Steinberg servers.
Someone on fb said this might be related to my recording problems today.

Is that possible?
Surely these are separated systems… please tell me they are…

Cheers, Harmen

Windows 10 (v1903)
Cubase Pro


no, it should not have something to do with the overload of the license servers. Can you please have a look if crash dumps were written?
Please send them to me: m.spork (at) steinberg.de

700 files? You mean VST Connect told you that 700 HD files were available?

See you,

Hi Michael,

Yes, that’s what it seemed to do, it tried to download those files, but it’s always too short to actually see anything. There’s no crashdump for most of these crashes and the two dumps that were created are 0 bytes.

I don’t mind sending you the session itself, just don’t make it public. Would that help?

Should I try without third party plugins? I used only slate virtual mix rack, exponential audio r2, eventide h3000 factory, so that’s quite a moderate session.

There are however approx 70 mono tracks and the whole pool was about 17GB, after deleting unused files 1,5GB but still crashed.

I made a backup copy of the session and consolidated all recorded files (bounce in place, or whatever the cubase equivalent), that made no difference unfortunately.

Cheers, Harmen

Hi Harmen,

Yes, a project file would be very helpful. Please send me only the cpr-file. I don’t need the media data. And of course, all of your files will be handled with care!

Thank you,

Will do!

One last q: I saw the version said public beta.

Am I correct to assume the paid v5 is not beta? That just works? Don’t need the video sync at all, but if this is stable it’s probably worth it.

v5 is not beta, and features a lot of improvements, stability included.

thanks, good to know